If you elevator needs a renovation, we offer you all types of solutions at the best price.

The elevators will pass the years too. No doubt over the years the technology improves and the regulations change. As we can change our style, internal quality, we can also change our lifts outside and inside. We can improve its operation, aesthetics, comfort, safety, energy efficiency, etc.,

Renewal of elevator components contributes to extend the total life cycle of the device.




  1. Change parts of the exterior and interior
  2. Cabin decoration, comfort
  3. Operation
  4. Traction system
  5. Lighting, security cameras, screens in the cabin
  6. Cabin communication system
  7. Accessibility: enlarge the cabin, lower the elevator to level zero to suppress the steps at the entrance
  8. New stops
  9. Automatic doors in the cabin and landing
  10. Control panels
    • Supply and installation of electric switchboards up to 12 stops
    • Supply and installation of electric switchboards up to 12 stops with variable frequency drive




  • Variable frequency drive of 5,5 KW or 7,5 KW
  • Automatic doors at 220 V or 380V
  • Signal lift door cam 60/80/110/190/220 V
  • Brake voltage 60/80/110/190 V depending on the machine
  • Signal for floor position indicator in BCD 24 V
  • Output for display in BCD



  • Adaptation of electric switchboards Duplex
  • More options:
  • Busy indicator lights, open door up-down arrows and go. The luminous voltajes can be 24/48/80/110/220 V, can be independent.
  • Light in permanent cabin
  • Pit information by detectors (one level, one change)
  • Display screen and optional programming
  • Module adaptation matrix display diodes
  • Adaptation electronic plate response lights call
  • Double boarding switching doors
  • Operator card to 220V (if it is not)
  • Contactors for three-phase operator


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