In Deamatic we manufacture and realize the start-up of customized electrical panels.

The project includes the design, manufacture and if necessary, installation and start-up.

We will help you to select the best technical and economic option, as well as technical support, maintenance and the possibility of expansión in the future in case the client asks for it.

Our services:

·  Manufacture of electrical panels under the customer’s plan:

The documentation proportionate by the client is examined and the project is adapted for its manufacture. The posible errors are eliminated and the control plan and the necessary verifications are defined to guarantee customer satisfaction. Defining down to the last detail.

·  Design of the control panel, manufacture and installation:

It defines with the client what products are needed and what application it has. The electrical panel is designed and the most suitable materials are specified to execute the requirements of the product. The control plan and the necessary checks are defined to guarantee the satisfaction of the client. Defining down to the last detail.


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